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Hua Nan Securities was founded in August 1988 under the name Hua Nan Securities, with its major shareholders including Yuan Ding Investment Co., Ltd., Chih Cheng Investment, Yung Ho Coal Mine, and Yi Chen Enterprising Company. Since its founding, the company has posted stable growth due to professional, steady and responsible management principles. At the outset, the brokerage’s capitalization was NT $200 million and it was only licensed to partake in securities broking. It transformed into an integrated securities company in 1990, laying the foundation for long-term development needs by initiating a comprehensive range of operations, including dealing, underwriting and bond operations. In 1992, it received approval from the Securities Exchange Commission to begin margin financing operations. In September of that year, it established Hua Nan Investment Trust. In 1993, it invested in the establishment of Hua Nan Securities Investment Consultant Co., Ltd. and the following year in Hua Nan Futures Co. Ltd. In 1995, Hua Nan’s shares began trading on the over-the-counter exchange and it changed its English name to Hua Nan Securities Co., Ltd. It also invested in Hua Nan (BVI) Holding Corp. and Hua Nan Securities (Hong Kong) Co. Ltd.

In order to strengthen its competitive standing, a special shareholders meeting was held on November 14, 2001 to approve a stock swap with Hua Nan Commercial Bank and jointly create Hua Nan Financial Holdings Company Ltd. In May 2003, the company changed its name to Hua Nan Securities. In an effort to expand market share, Hua Nan in 2003 purchased an existing brokerage fairly and transformed it into a branch in Changhua. This brought the number of branches to 41. In addition, the company has four underwriting offices. Altogether, Hua Nan Securities employs 1,336 people.